Wednesday, 5 March 2008



The way we stand you can see

We have grown up this way together

Out of the same soil, with the same rains,

Leaning in the same way towards the sun...

And we are various and amazing in our verity and our differences multiply.

So that edge after edge of the endlessness of possibility is exposed.

You know we have grown this way for years and to know purpose you can understand.

Yet what you fail to know we know and the knowing is in us.

How we have grown this way, why we are shaped this way. the way we are.

Not all straight to your purpose.

How each cell, how light and soil is in us.

How we are in the soil, how we are in the air

How we are both infinitesimal and great and how we are infinitely without any purpose you can see

In the way we stand each alone.

Yet none of us separable....

All exquisite as we stand

Each moment headed in this cycle

No detail unlovely

Susan Griffin

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