Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Earth hour

NASA City lights

Only one hour a year for the earth?
Earth Hour, Saturday March 29th -
Earth hour - the kids across the road knocked down my street sign. It wasn't that dark, the street lights were on, the house lights were on, they didn't have their car lights on.
An interesting night.

Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Authority & Personal Power

Authority & Personal Power

Authority of Being!

Serving - being Authority OR Autonomous Authentic Being

We have all been dis-empowered as spiritual beings and we mindlessly dis-empower others in an attempt to experience some sense of our lost power. (Spirit eaters) Yet to dis-empower another is to dis-empower ourselves. (A circle of hell)

Why is this! Would we not gain more by empowering others.
Why have we been conditioned to serve in a bulling Patriarchal Hierarchy, which takes all and gives trinkets.

It goes deep its embedded in our language!
Deception destroys belief!!
Violence destroys language!!!

True authority does not steal bully belittle ostracizes criticize or make negative of others....

You will do as I do!
You will follow if you have belief in me.
I will follow you if I have belief in you.
Live your life in truth
Allow me the same

The Germans are good people.....
How on earth did they justify Hitler?
The Christians are Good people.....
How on earth do they justify war?
They say Scientist are good people.....
How on earth do they justify slavery?

What are we doing when we give our individual power to another
or worse still an impersonal disorganization?

"Those who commit evil acts do not see those acts as evil or even malicious. They see themselves as justified" - David Gerrold

Thursday, 13 March 2008

Taxes Fueling Climate change

Climate change is the most serious challenge facing the planet. However, governments in Australia continue to spend twenty-eight (28!) times more taxpayer’s money on fossil fuels such as coal, oil and gas than they put into renewable energy like solar and wind. We think it’s time to give renewables a fair go!

Will you help us put an end to this decade-long misuse of our tax dollars? Sign the petition asking new Treasurer Wayne Swan to take decisive first steps in this May’s Federal Budget, replacing handouts to antiquated fossil fuels with clean energy investment!

Sign the petition

We’re talking about $803 per average taxpayer fueling climate change. An independent academic report we commissioned has uncovered some of the dirty details, many of which were buried under technical jargon and hidden in different government policies…

Perhaps the most scandalous waste of money uncovered is a $308 million dollar annual tax break for multinational coal companies to cover their fuel bills. This single handout alone is more than the entire amount the Federal Government invests in renewable energy. Considering some of these companies have profits in the billions, and their executives are paid eight figure salaries, the question must be asked: why are our hard-earned taxes icing their cake – and fueling climate change at the same time?

Together, we can change this. Australians elected Kevin Rudd and Labor in part because they said they were serious about tackling climate change. But considering the powerful vested interests involved, there is no guarantee they will automatically break with Howard’s legacy of funding climate change. Let’s show we, the people, can be powerful too.

Spend a few seconds signing the petition and let the new Treasurer Wayne Swan know you don’t want your taxes fueling climate change. It’s urgent, as there is less than 10 weeks to the budget in May.

Sign the petition

We’ll be delivering the petition to Treasurer Swan next month and we’re working hard to expose this issue in the media – but the best way to get attention is to have thousands of Australians onboard. Adding your voice to the petition – and sharing this with your friends and colleagues – will make all the difference.

Sign the petition

Hundreds of thousands of Australians are reducing their personal impact on the climate. All we’re asking of our Government is to match our level of concern and make sure our taxes are supporting the clean energy solutions, not the problem.

Thanks for being involved,

Julien Vincent
Climate Campaigner

Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Sacred Fruit - Sacred food

Food is sacred.
Why have we forgotten.
That it is our body's way of connecting with this earth.

I do not understand how people have become so blind to this life, so disconnected from this earth.
Not understanding why processed food causes disease, taking the media as some form of truth, eating from McDonald's, accepting product marketing, thinking the products sold at supermarkets have any thing to do with food.

I'm doing a Permaculture design course. I did it about twenty years ago, I'm doing it again.
I have been making a living as a gardener for the last twenty years.
I understand what it is like to tend a garden.
To take a ripe natural peach from a tree and eat it.
It is the most connected spiritual experiences apart from good sex and meditation that I Know.

Maybe most people have never experienced eating with a friend or a stranger from a common tree, or experienced offering the fruit to the universe before eating it.
Maybe most people aren't sensitive enough to experience the light stream from the fruit as they hold it high offering it.
Maybe our deep conditioning has broken our connections.
To offer a fruit then eat it yourself surly has undertones of taboo!
Why have we forgotten how sacred our food is, our connection with this earth?

For this reason alone it is important to grow and engage in this cycle of life.
To practice in some way in developing local community.

ABC Encounter - Rosemary Morrow
Vandana Shiva:Women, Bioengineering, and Corporations Pt.1
Vandana Shiva:Women, Bioengineering, and Corporations Pt.2

Monday, 10 March 2008



"A new scientific truth does not triumph by convincing its opponents and making them see the light, but rather because its opponents eventually die". Max Planck

What if we could reason ?

The love of power - The power of love
reciprocal altruism - tribal cohesion
community - shopping centers
authority - personal power
brains - consciousness
automata - autonomy
religion - churches
society -
culture - memes

What’s the relationships?
Which is the odd one out?

mind filtering input

Where am I going here, This has been circling in my head for a number of years. I read a lot of article's in the enquiring press, I know others are dealing with the same questions.
I, self, consciousness, other.
Language is a good tool ,It can free as well as bind.
sooner or later it devours itself, tail first.
It is so easy to do it badly, magic when it works.

I meet so many people conditioned to the extent that.......
In Woolworth's especially
Do cats experience thirst and desire consciously to decide to drink, or are they only automata following there instincts
Do we.
Why does the scientific community have trouble with this.
They don't eat there cats.

Are we aware that what we see in the moment happened a moment ago. we project a moment before that into our experience to give continuity.
What we think we experiences, is a projection from the past.
i.e. experience is being created from a memory store, continually updated.
In short its an illusion.
It takes time for something new to get to awareness.
If we don't stop to process this we are living in the past. nothing new happening.
I only see a problem with this when I'm in Walworth's or with my family.
I find it hard to understand how that mentality came to be.

Tell people something they know already and they will thank you for it.
Tell them something new and they will hate you for it. monbiot.

Why we have become so impatient, blind to the way we process information. That it's a representations of reality not reality.
OR are we only now becoming aware.
Are there really so many asleep people getting around , unconscious automata doing as there biological cultural familiar conditioning processes, without a thought as to what is happening in the culture and in there own head.
With all the schools around - we have a major problem
madness - conflicts with conditioning awareness and knowledge.

Church of reason
church of god
church of dorkins
church of industry
Church of commerce

They are all in error for a single common reason. hierarchical systems of spiritual social & cultural enslavement

It is possible to break the conditioning of the society the market the churches and years of blind cultural evolution
but there is a price.

Thomas Edison Hates Cats
Perceiving reality

Thursday, 6 March 2008

I need to share this

Life is One.

What is lost?
What can be found?

I have grown up in a culture dominated by the Roman Catholic church
and it effects on me/us has been Quite profound, not always for the better, and often for the worst.

Life is One not two. one universe, one earth, one I, and only one I.
Just look around. how many I's do you know?

My soul was stolen by the church before I realized their way is false. You know the story. God in heaven has your soul in safe keeping for you and you will be reunited with it when you die. Only if you have done the right thing during life will you reclaim it. Otherwise the devil will have it forever in hell. Yeah that's a lot of pretty heavy conditioning to lay on a six year old. Keeps the church in power and us slaves.

So the church had stolen my soul as a child and cast it away in gods name.
When I woke up to this I started to wonder what was going on. After long and deep questioning I decided to take a tour of hell to find out what had been stolen. And you know what I found? That there is light in them there shadows. Something more precious than the finest
gold and gems . I found myself, neither good nor bad, but purely divine, the truth of my being. I found an ancient God who has been conned and is incredibly angry.
I found that life is multidimensional, three physical three etheric and three archetypal dimensions. I found that we can be alive and consciouses in all, that is our major task in life, to bring heart imagination and desire into harmony.

I also met a angel, the conscious self of this earth, she is beautifull, we know her as Gaea. She loves us more than anything, she has worked so hard to give us birth, and we piss on her, like we are truly asleep, wetting our bed as children in the dark.
It is time to wake!
She only wants one thing from us.
To live in conscious awareness of our life together.

By caring for her and all her creatures and enjoying ourselves with her, she speaks to us constantly. Open your ears your eyes your heart and your body, to hear her. Care for her as she cares for you/us. Eat and be eaten, for this is her way and we are part and the whole of her, not just us but all life. It is the only way to move through this realm .............
That enough for now.. Work the rest out for yourself.

Enjoy your life

Wednesday, 5 March 2008



The way we stand you can see

We have grown up this way together

Out of the same soil, with the same rains,

Leaning in the same way towards the sun...

And we are various and amazing in our verity and our differences multiply.

So that edge after edge of the endlessness of possibility is exposed.

You know we have grown this way for years and to know purpose you can understand.

Yet what you fail to know we know and the knowing is in us.

How we have grown this way, why we are shaped this way. the way we are.

Not all straight to your purpose.

How each cell, how light and soil is in us.

How we are in the soil, how we are in the air

How we are both infinitesimal and great and how we are infinitely without any purpose you can see

In the way we stand each alone.

Yet none of us separable....

All exquisite as we stand

Each moment headed in this cycle

No detail unlovely

Susan Griffin