Sunday, 8 February 2009

Christina Georgina Rossetti

Tread softly!
All this earth is sacred ground.
It May be, could we look with seeing eyes.
This spot we stand on is a paradise;
Where dead have come to life and lost been found,
Where faith has triumphed, martyrdom been crowned,
Where fools have foiled the wisdom of the wise;
From this same spot the dust of saints may rise,
And the kings prisoners come to light unbound.
O earth earth earth. hear now thy makers words;
"Thy dead thou shall give up, nor hide thy slain"-
Some who went weeping forth shall come again
Rejoicing from the east or from the west
As doves fly to their windows, loves own bird
Contented and desirous to the nest.

Christina Georgina Rossetti

Temple of The Sacred Ego - Spirit Eaters

Something that happened a wile back.

Eagle May 17, 2007

On Tuesday at work Two Wedge tailed Eagles flew over. One was downed by a couple of hawks. I don't know what happened to the other. I contacted wires and a lady turned up with a couple of blankets, (I think they need more resources). I then spent a while talking to and calming this huge scared injured bird walking with her through and around paddocks, Getting closer. Eventually I got close enough to capture her.

We took her/him, I'm going to call it her. We took her to the vet rolled in a blanket. The Bird had an old wound on the wing the elbow joint, this wound the hawks had attacked to bring her down. She had a lice lode, she looked exhausted . I left as they were going to ex ray her, thinking she was in good hands. Later on I heard that the vet had put her down.. justifying it with,,,,

..There was damage in the wing, it did look like the other,,,, What type of life would this animal have,,,,

I am hurt deeply by this, look at this picture! Her wings are up!

A couple of years ago I found a Rosella on the roadside flapping and in shock, I took It to the same vet,

Do you know what they said,,, Its got a damaged wing, wires normally put them down,,,, We would have to bind it, it would be difficult,,,, It may never fly again,,,,, What type of life would it have,,, You need a license to have a captive native bird ,,, ,,, ,,,etc....

I took the parrot home he lived on the curtain rail floor and chair backs and in spring when I opened up the house he flue away.......

So today &Tonight I sit hear and think of this vet the Eagle and wires and my giving my power away.....

Its no good crying over spillt milk. The Eagle is a symbol of power, I knew in my inner heart and promised her that we would look after her when I was trying to capture her, I knew what should be done....And when I caught her I gave her to another who seemed to have more authority than me......

IF I had honored my promise to and of my own power I would have taken her to a cage no more than 200m from where she fell and looked after her with the help of the farm manager for the winter.

I am sure she would have flown again.

A lessen on how easy it is to give up ones own inner heart felt authority and power to others that only wear a badge of authority and have no true training or commitment.

Temple of the Sacred Ego

Shaman what is this beating of the drum, the dance of the circle, the smudge of the smudge, this ancient fire light with sanitized vision quests. whats this sacred thing you talk about!

Shaman do you take time to learn & relearn the language of the animals?
Have you held an eagle, do you talk with the birds, do you know there language. Could this language be of chemistry love and time.. Do you truly understand that we are all brothers or do you own a cat!

Shaman have you spent time with the plants and learnt there way.
Do you know the dance of chemistry, the cycle of the elements.
Do you know how to produce your own food.. This be truly sacred self!

Shaman do you know death, Has a loved one died in your arms.
Have you breathed and pumped life into another and watched him in his eyes and seen him struggle as he dies, only to live again. Have you died yourself!

Shaman have you been in the eye of a storm, danced with lightning on a mountain top, swum in the desert. Have you lived alone for an extended time!

Shaman Do you tend the sick and frail when your spells can’t cure, or do you hide them behind glass walls in the temple of the soul!

Shaman truth need no words. Do you give honour to your words of love and friendship or leave that for others to do. Do you judge another according to their truth or judge to bind in serving the temple of your ego. Do you serve your shaman way or cheaply use this truth!

Shaman when truth is murdered in the temple of the ego of another.
Stop stomp and listen as the ego corridors shatter.

Shaman do you truly hold all this earth as mother sister brother daughter son.

Immanuel Kant
"An Answer to the Question: What is Enlightenment?"

Tuesday, 3 February 2009