Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Authority & Personal Power

Authority & Personal Power

Authority of Being!

Serving - being Authority OR Autonomous Authentic Being

We have all been dis-empowered as spiritual beings and we mindlessly dis-empower others in an attempt to experience some sense of our lost power. (Spirit eaters) Yet to dis-empower another is to dis-empower ourselves. (A circle of hell)

Why is this! Would we not gain more by empowering others.
Why have we been conditioned to serve in a bulling Patriarchal Hierarchy, which takes all and gives trinkets.

It goes deep its embedded in our language!
Deception destroys belief!!
Violence destroys language!!!

True authority does not steal bully belittle ostracizes criticize or make negative of others....

You will do as I do!
You will follow if you have belief in me.
I will follow you if I have belief in you.
Live your life in truth
Allow me the same

The Germans are good people.....
How on earth did they justify Hitler?
The Christians are Good people.....
How on earth do they justify war?
They say Scientist are good people.....
How on earth do they justify slavery?

What are we doing when we give our individual power to another
or worse still an impersonal disorganization?

"Those who commit evil acts do not see those acts as evil or even malicious. They see themselves as justified" - David Gerrold

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