Thursday, 28 February 2008

GMOs - Adulrated food or Poisson

This process with allowing one or two Companies to take control of the food supply is criminal to the extreme.
To control other food systems through pollution and adulterations is fascist.
To own life is abhorrent .
No more need be said on this as we are educated people.

Is it good business to remove ones choice to acquire unadulterated food.
Is it Good business to adulterated food.
Is it good business to create short term profit at the cost of long term existence.
Is it good business to poison your children.
Only if your business is war and destruction.

I grow more of the food I consume in my own garden or acquire it from farmers markets & organic outlets. I avoid supermarkets. If I cannot be assured of my choice I shall choose in a different way, with my feet.

I will not knowingly support business or processes who's default design is to adulterate food or
build poisons into children's toys etc.

The Government needs to ensure that..............................

* Support maintaining state moratoria on GM food crops
* Support strict liability where the GM company is liable for any economic loss caused by their product
* Support independent health testing
* Support independent small scale performance trials
* Support ensuring the GM company is legally responsible for totally containing their product
* Support continued supply of uncontaminated GM-free seed
* Support AQIS screening to prevent GM contamination in imports.
* Support the International Biosafety Protocol.
* Oppose increased costs and liabilities for non-GM farmers and non-GM consumers
* Oppose acceptance of tolerance levels
* Oppose large scale commercial release in the guise of coexistence trials
* Oppose commercial release under GM industry self management plans

It is necessary to ensure that this world is for all not the greedy alone and their poisoned victims.

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chemicalfreecaz said...

hmmmmm Interesting, again Phill, sorry I did not reply to your last comment, about Nimbin. I got back and into the rat race, i worked 18 nstraight days!! Why I am not sure.
I sat the other night outside mcdonalds ( waiting for my daughter to finish work) 10% of the people were not over weight. I am a big believer that our chemical intake has loads to do with it.