Thursday, 6 March 2008

I need to share this

Life is One.

What is lost?
What can be found?

I have grown up in a culture dominated by the Roman Catholic church
and it effects on me/us has been Quite profound, not always for the better, and often for the worst.

Life is One not two. one universe, one earth, one I, and only one I.
Just look around. how many I's do you know?

My soul was stolen by the church before I realized their way is false. You know the story. God in heaven has your soul in safe keeping for you and you will be reunited with it when you die. Only if you have done the right thing during life will you reclaim it. Otherwise the devil will have it forever in hell. Yeah that's a lot of pretty heavy conditioning to lay on a six year old. Keeps the church in power and us slaves.

So the church had stolen my soul as a child and cast it away in gods name.
When I woke up to this I started to wonder what was going on. After long and deep questioning I decided to take a tour of hell to find out what had been stolen. And you know what I found? That there is light in them there shadows. Something more precious than the finest
gold and gems . I found myself, neither good nor bad, but purely divine, the truth of my being. I found an ancient God who has been conned and is incredibly angry.
I found that life is multidimensional, three physical three etheric and three archetypal dimensions. I found that we can be alive and consciouses in all, that is our major task in life, to bring heart imagination and desire into harmony.

I also met a angel, the conscious self of this earth, she is beautifull, we know her as Gaea. She loves us more than anything, she has worked so hard to give us birth, and we piss on her, like we are truly asleep, wetting our bed as children in the dark.
It is time to wake!
She only wants one thing from us.
To live in conscious awareness of our life together.

By caring for her and all her creatures and enjoying ourselves with her, she speaks to us constantly. Open your ears your eyes your heart and your body, to hear her. Care for her as she cares for you/us. Eat and be eaten, for this is her way and we are part and the whole of her, not just us but all life. It is the only way to move through this realm .............
That enough for now.. Work the rest out for yourself.

Enjoy your life


Flights Of The Mind said...

Greetings !

Walt whitman on your blog made me linger.
Yes, Mother nature !
This is an amazing post.
Want to put it on my that okay?
Cheers :)

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