Thursday, 13 March 2008

Taxes Fueling Climate change

Climate change is the most serious challenge facing the planet. However, governments in Australia continue to spend twenty-eight (28!) times more taxpayer’s money on fossil fuels such as coal, oil and gas than they put into renewable energy like solar and wind. We think it’s time to give renewables a fair go!

Will you help us put an end to this decade-long misuse of our tax dollars? Sign the petition asking new Treasurer Wayne Swan to take decisive first steps in this May’s Federal Budget, replacing handouts to antiquated fossil fuels with clean energy investment!

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We’re talking about $803 per average taxpayer fueling climate change. An independent academic report we commissioned has uncovered some of the dirty details, many of which were buried under technical jargon and hidden in different government policies…

Perhaps the most scandalous waste of money uncovered is a $308 million dollar annual tax break for multinational coal companies to cover their fuel bills. This single handout alone is more than the entire amount the Federal Government invests in renewable energy. Considering some of these companies have profits in the billions, and their executives are paid eight figure salaries, the question must be asked: why are our hard-earned taxes icing their cake – and fueling climate change at the same time?

Together, we can change this. Australians elected Kevin Rudd and Labor in part because they said they were serious about tackling climate change. But considering the powerful vested interests involved, there is no guarantee they will automatically break with Howard’s legacy of funding climate change. Let’s show we, the people, can be powerful too.

Spend a few seconds signing the petition and let the new Treasurer Wayne Swan know you don’t want your taxes fueling climate change. It’s urgent, as there is less than 10 weeks to the budget in May.

Sign the petition

We’ll be delivering the petition to Treasurer Swan next month and we’re working hard to expose this issue in the media – but the best way to get attention is to have thousands of Australians onboard. Adding your voice to the petition – and sharing this with your friends and colleagues – will make all the difference.

Sign the petition

Hundreds of thousands of Australians are reducing their personal impact on the climate. All we’re asking of our Government is to match our level of concern and make sure our taxes are supporting the clean energy solutions, not the problem.

Thanks for being involved,

Julien Vincent
Climate Campaigner

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