Thursday, 28 April 2011

When I go to sleep

As I go to sleep,
I find quietness to go in and explore.

Last night I sat with my heart for a wile.
Felt its her/his rhythm,
heard how he beats, and listened.
Listened for that beat wherever I could.
Felt it in my hands, my feet, my groin, my belly, my diaphragm, my wrist, my neck.
listened for where I could hear it.
Then I went back to my heart and felt its beat, and just listened.
I moved my hearing along the sound as if it was a surface and noticed it change.
And a map in my vision. As I moved back it became quieter until I got to the diaphragm where it became loud again and as I moved forward it increased in volume.
Forward and up along the sound, then back and down.. I noticed I was tracing out surfaces, one curved in and concave. I realized where I was and felt the surface clean, as I moved back and down in a way, the sound became harder more clunk clunky, and then softer.

Moving following the sound path back it became louder at my diaphragm and then it went straight down. Loud and soft smother, then suddenly no sound and a dissipating expanding falling cooling whirlpool without the whirl. Spraying cooling heat into my feet and hands and neck and everywhere. My body feels nice .

Wow , neat roller-coaster, lets do it again.
Find the heart,
Today my heart feels content.

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