Wednesday, 20 February 2008


If any one would like to help in a Permaculture project I have a room to spare.
It was almost rural, now its suburban, can we help one another.
A room and stable home for help growing the food.

The taste of oil is getting bad.
so it looks like organic and biodinamic

What to do?

I’ve paid the rent enough food for the week, a bit in the yard

What to do! I've looked for a job, Get a job what's that?

The pubs a boor, don’t have the money, don’t read well & TV crap.

What to do, not sitting around being bored.

To the garden down the road

Fruit trees, berry bushes, everything something you can eat.

Different a park, a garden, a meeting place.

Beds of mixed herb’s, insects & birds:

Eat a strawberry, a sweet pea, share a simple joy.

There’s a house with a veranda in the sun & tables & chairs

The best coffee & caring people.

Laughing, taking a break from the world

Can we gain a sense of play?

Get our nails dirty; laugh together with the soil.

What about me over 35

What's this community center I here about

Skate ramp, graffiti, Get lost you old bum

Scattered vacant empty blocks empty & bear

Poker machines horses football, can I win?

In the back corner, patchy disjointed & lame

Offensive fences defending

Untouched Begot ten from an alien world

Why do we hide them? A burden A shame!

Come to tee garden, come & play,

Plant a seed & help it grow

Eat the fruit, taste the bake

Soil plant Animal…… What an Alchemy

Where’s this garden Does anyone know?

Where’s this park down the road

I limp a bit & need some help.

Give a hand!!!’

These videos are eye openers

ABC Science - Crude
ABC Four Corners - Peak Oil
The Massachusetts School of Law - The future of food
The Monsanto Story - Part 1

After getting your mind around this you can see why it is so important to grow food locally.

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