Wednesday, 26 October 2011

King parrot

This one turned up and said good morning in a playful way, asked for breakfast,
We had fun for about half an hour, Later in the day some white cockatoos turned up..
Their big birds, eat a lot and destructive. I said no and closed the lid,, haha,,
We had a short discussion and they flew of...
I went in side and there was a loud thump thump on yhe roof.
I went out side to look and there was a cockatoo on the roof look at me.
He flew of....about half an hour later they started turning up , within ten minits about 50 in the trees about the house making a rukus.. OK OK this is scary,
I have heard of these birds destroying houses, dont want war, took the lid of, three came down to eat and the rest flew off...
I think when you make a pledge to this earth to care for her and all her creatures you open yourself to a greater consciousness, with a ever growing responsibility.

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