Thursday, 13 October 2011



He knows an open free environment,
She is having fun being guided in open human/canine social culture
They help one another.
In a way they are more human than many of us humans!

Des is a 13 year kelpie cross, my dog, he has taught my so much about communication,,
Maggie is a young dog of a friend I borrowed for a few days. It took so much to gain this dogs trust when we first met, Maggie comes from a dysfunctional high stress environment,, so we are teaching her to be confident and trusting.
Its an open canine/ peoples social scene on this beach,,,,

Maggie is so unsure with herself jumpy hypa-aware and anxious in strange environments, she reacts with fearful aggression meeting other strange dogs, snarls and snaps when they get to close, The sniff over totally freaks her out, nose to tail and nose to nose.
It was good to meet others ,stand and chat, It gave mag an opportunity to see and be with calm passive dogs, With the right guidance she will be a top dog.
Des is very curious, friendly, excited intelligent over the top stirrer fun mature dog. He likes being her guardian and together we had a very fulfilling and heart warming fun time.

The beach has no where to pis mix and sniff, no marker posts, daily their sent traces are washed away, A part of dog behavior that was largely absent. Des would occasionally mark something that had been washed up. when he wasn't to busy having an ecstatic time.

I am learning so much working with dogs, they respond so well to aware compassionate consistent responsible interactions. They learn and move on so quickly.
Their exactly like us in how they express the behavior patterns of their environment.
I am sad in a way, because the warmth of heart shown and felt from caring dogs is so often inhibited in humans.
It is often difficult for us to move on.

A Week Later

Magi can catch, she couldn't before the weekend..
Iv been having fun, its amazing watching another learn.
I kept throwing little nuggets of food at her mouth.
At first she would just look as they rolled of her and hit the ground.
It was fun rolling them of her nose, and aiming between the eye
(straight in towards the eyes is difficult for anyone)
a slight oblique angle is best for learners (easy). Target practice for me.
She saw the other dogs, has the idea, but couldn't get the timing..
(they also suffer envy and jealousy when another is rewarded for something they cant do).
123.......... then 123 in a row, and another... Phase lock,, let her sleep.
next day..... misses a heap then it..
I step back a bit, "stay". and improve her skill....she wants to get it good,,
I step back some more, "stay" and improve her skill.
Open full awareness and attention, total willingness to grow in self.
What we learn't, was she learn't stay without being taught.
So many ways for neural networks to share information,
Human language needs to be decoded,, so many blocks.
I often have more intelligent interactions with the birds
that visit my backyard than with 80% of the humans I know.
Sad in a way...
Ive ran out of language.
have a good day

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