Monday, 13 December 2010

Berry Cheese cake

I lived with a German guy once he was a baker,
he showed me how to cook cakes and breads on a stove top.

This is a great cheese cake
Play wit it -

24' pan

100g Fresh ground flour
40g ground almonds
40 -50g honey
45g butter
65g cream
spice of your liking.
Put flour almonds spice, honey butter in a bowl , work into a crumbly mass,
mix with cream keep cool

250G raspberry.
350g cream cheese/quark.
40-50g honey
2 eggs
juice of lemon

Mix honey cheese egg yolks,
beet egg whites till yummy
fold in with raspberry cheese.

Push pastry into pan fill with raspberry mix
bake high ten minutes
low 30 or so..

Guten Appetit

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Angelina said...

Sounds yummy. How would you get the top golden, would you put it in the oven?

Happy New Year!