Saturday, 26 September 2009

Carbon alchemy - Stroking the Peacocks tail

Look at how he flies.
Where is she.

This is the sacred part, the insight of alchemy.
Plant and animal - light and dark.
We are as we eat mind of this earth.
Sacred root.

Carbon alchemy
We take in nutrients to generate energy, produce CO2.
We think wrong to see CO2 as a by product of respiration, a pollution.
As semi conscious beings we do the same externally with all our actions.
Yet we do not look at carbon in our lives, our own carbon cycle.
We are blind to how we cycle.
How we eat breath & shit carbon.
How we are. Carbon flux in being.

Where did this food come from?
How did earth water air sun do this?
How is life your life derived/realized in this.
Our Spiritual life together.

The carbon in your body, the carbon you eat,
the carbon you breathe, the carbon you shit.

When does it become you?
When does it become not you?
Meditate on this.
The same with all the elements.

Sit in front of a small tree and watch your breath, its breath.
Merge ,be one.
Experience Learn.

What would it be like to take responsibility for this carbon, Our carbon?
The carbon in carbohydrates, CO2, food, shit.
The carbon that moves through this personal life.
The carbon we fix = the carbon we liberate!
The whole cycle!
How can this be achieved?

An alchemical relationship between!
The heat of the sun growing the food we eat
The heat of the biomass cooking the food we eat
The food we eat & heat of our body.

When we crap in water we loose the smell of our own soul. We break our contact with the earth.
Cover shit with sweet earth compost & char, in a breathing enclosure. Separate from the earth yet worked upon by the earth.
When we piss in water our salts are diluted and lost.
Piss on char kept separate from the other.

Char derived from the Pyrolysis process is raw and hungry.
- The dust strips oils from the skin. Ph 8
- If slightly dampened it will generate heat?
- It needs to be further processed further processed to enhance its qualities.

- steeped in urine for a few days. Strained, diluted 1:10.
- Added to active compost tea brew. Bubbling air through water nutrients compost.
- Used in the compost.
- This softens its harsh character.

What is my personal carbon equation?
How much active biomass do I need to re-fix the carbon liberated by my life activities?

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