Thursday, 11 June 2009

What is it to live in this life

What is it to live in this life?
Compost, embedded complex systems
I used to ask about this, having grown up in a catholic system.
Science, religion, Christ, football, competition.
A murdered Jesus constantly on display.
One would be condemned to hell for not being mindlessly enslaved to the authority of the unknowable father.
A mind fucking double bind.
The core of slavery. It has harmed so many.
Not the way of the Christ at all.
I left school very confused and questioned this deeply.

The hard Question.
This led to two Questions.
What does life ask of us? What is it about this earth that all living things have in common?
The answer was within the Question, the question it is the key!
-- Life asks us to live in awareness.
-- All living things must take the life of another to live.
-- We are all food to this life process.
This became the basis for my living ethos.
If we are to continue evolving in this paradise we must honor life.
And honor our food.
Relies that our shit is sacred and own it.
Care for her and all her creatures.
Eat and be eaten in awareness.
Its all we need to do.

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