Sunday, 8 February 2009

Christina Georgina Rossetti

Tread softly!
All this earth is sacred ground.
It May be, could we look with seeing eyes.
This spot we stand on is a paradise;
Where dead have come to life and lost been found,
Where faith has triumphed, martyrdom been crowned,
Where fools have foiled the wisdom of the wise;
From this same spot the dust of saints may rise,
And the kings prisoners come to light unbound.
O earth earth earth. hear now thy makers words;
"Thy dead thou shall give up, nor hide thy slain"-
Some who went weeping forth shall come again
Rejoicing from the east or from the west
As doves fly to their windows, loves own bird
Contented and desirous to the nest.

Christina Georgina Rossetti


Michael said...

Yes it was very sad Phil I like you was extremely sad to see the way the school fell apart. Yes therte were many factors involved complex and many which dated prior to my time, It was such a shame that many good people took differing opinions yet couldnt come together to resolve their differences.

But on another level great universal laws state
1.All things change
2.There is a time for rising which will later turn to a time of falling

Unfortunately the Steiner School could not escape these universal truths.

But remember after a fall there is always an energy to rise - but for this the crucial element is knowing when to catch the rising wave or recognise opprtunities that are available Michael

Ausearth said...

Sacred is from the root. cliche is bonded thinking, not in or from the present. Who would accept cliche as pertaining to truth. A disconnection with the root