Friday, 2 January 2009

Shiting in water

Shitting in water
Create a list of animals that shit in water
Create a list of animals that don't shit in water.
Strange how we (humans ) shit in water and then wont drink it
Not very intelligent are we.
Give this a moment thought will you !!!
My dog won’t shit in water; he doesn't need a nuclear plant to power a desalinater
Dogs must be more intelligent than humans


Anonymous said...

u make a good point, kind of, but also this is stupid.
I'm sure that if your dog did shit in the water, he/she wouldn't drink it.
and dogs cant use or make a desalination facility or a nuclear power plant if they wanted to u no, no thumbs. and what do u propose we shit in, a plastic bag, or bucket that to construct is far more harmful for the earth than traditional porcelin toilets.And I'm sure if your dog drank seawater, or saltwater that he/she would either get sick, or suffer from dehydration.
The creatures that do shit in water are adapted to be able to ingest a portion of that shit without consequence.What would happen if you ate your own shit? you would get sick.
Using water to shit in allows for easier processing of that shit, as well as removal from our homes. Yea, humans must be very stupid seeing as how we shit in water. and by the way in philly, we do drink the water we shit in, so think about this for a moment will ya. And one more thing , id rather have a nuclear power plant then one that burns coal, destroys the ozone layer, and makes the world even worse then it is now, and at worst u have one less town to worry about if something goes wrong in a nuclear power plant.

Ausearth said...

Some don't understand irony.
On a mission to come into another house with their mystification.
Humanure, ie take responsibility for your own shit.
Get an education
Lazy people still belive muma wipes their ass and cleans up after them.

Anonymous said...
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