Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Husband The Earth

The question keeps coming up.
"How can we care for all the children of all the species for all time",
William Donaugh.
My question is, How can we care for this earth and all her creatures?
The answer is simple really.
Care for this earth and all her creatures.
The practice the way is difficult in this day.
I used to use a mantra - I am the earth, when I first started to query what she was about.
What I have noticed is that as I ask this question every day my perceptions are changing.
A lot of what I used to find satisfying important for human life is now just so vile and sickening.
I have become the earth and I feel sick at what we do.
Its strange and sacred, She is always talking silently in us.
If we would only listen we would know what to do.
She loves us so much.
please open your heart and know
its in thy thymus

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