Thursday, 12 June 2008

Vermiculture - Aquaponics.

A semi closed organic food system created in a minimal space intergrating vermiculture and aquaponics - using organic and Permaculture principles.

The goal is to cycle nutrients solid and liquid through a combined aquaponics and vermiculture system to grow food for the table. Recycle organic food and organic matter. Possibly produce Vermicompost and liquid fertilizer.

Worms produce nitrogen rich liquid and solid products suitable for growing plants, are a rich protein source.
Fish eat worms and also produce nitrogen.
Plants use nitrogen.
Hydroponic gravel beds act as filters removing particles and nutrients.
I Eat fish plants and worms (sometimes).
What type of fish?
Commercial home size aquaponic systems take about the space of a double garage and are claimed to feed a family of four.

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