Monday, 22 September 2008

Sacred Food

(Food is sacred,
It is what connects us to this earth.)
I lack artistic computer skills. would a creative person be interested in creating a image from this.

Saturday, 20 September 2008

At Home, Vermiponic Permaculture microfarming

Spring is here and I'm behind.
Ive been busy with -
Permaculture class.
Walking A friend through the dark night of the soul, (It is a joy to help in the birth of an adult human,rare these days).
A new and proud owner of 6 lovely gals (one above).
Attempting to craft an aquaponic - vermiponic system.
Worms - chooks - plants - fish, all from food wastes from the local organic grocer.
Is this permaculture

This is a beginnings of an aquaponic - vermiponic system made from salvaged bits.
A chook tractor and worm farm at back of image.
I intend to use the nutrient solution and worms to feed it.
The bath tubs have worm castings as a growing medium.
Above - link to Pictures of vermiponic experiment in my back yard