Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Bees CCD & GMO

Dear Friends,

I am rather confused and concerned by the disappearing Bees around the Globe and our responses. Bees are kind of special, a canary in a haystack, a keystone specie. There seems to be a connection between certain insecticides used in almost all horticulture situations, from urban gardens, golf courses to commercial agriculture and GMOs.

Bees don’t do to well in genetically modified crops that express insect toxins. e.g. bt cotton, canola.

The countries using GM crops linked with systemic insecticides are having staggering Bee losses. It is known as CCD colony collapse disorder.

Australia is spared this blight at present. We use these Insecticides but as yet don’t have widespread GM crops expressing insect toxins. This is Changing Quickly.

FSANZ is asking for public submissions on the release of these lethal corporate bio-engendered money spinners.

My dilemma is this. I don’t feel confident or understand the process involved in creating and submitting this information to FSANZ or other authorities. I do feel it is extremely important to do so.

I am asking for a call of solidarity, a call to arms or maybe a whimping plee for help.

Is there anyone interested in gathering collating and creating a submission?

Please contact me if interested in doing something about this.

Sunday, 10 August 2008

Permablitz, community sharing


Permablitz Southern Highlands

Let no one be discourage by the thought of how much there is to learn...
For the first steps are steps into a delightful unknown..
The first successes are victories all the happier for being scarcely expected
and with the growing knowledge comes the widening outlook and the comforting sense of an ever increasing gain of critical appreciation.
Each new step becomes a little surer and each new grasp a little firmer,
Till little by little comes the power of intelligent combination.
The nearest thing we can know to the mighty force of creation.

Gertrude Jekyls.