Monday, 21 April 2008

A Crude Awakening The Oil Crash

What about a Stone Age Diet
Simple food grown in a simple way, organic permanent agriculture at the back door.
It would seem it's the best option for our health and that of this earth.
If I were to take food from another to live - ethics of my dog and all other animals.
If I were to take food from another to fuel my lifestyle/car - ethics of greed
If I were to make war on another to fuel my economy - ethics of the beast
I cannot justify slavery, Or justify calling myself a Christian.
I drive a car and sometimes walk.
I live in comfort, yet I am impoverished.
I realise this in a sea of madness.

Tuesday, 1 April 2008



What is it to share?
We talk of it a lot.
Give great emphasis in teaching our children.
Why have so many of us grown up unable to share!!!
What is so important about status and the BMW?
What is so important about that dollar?
What is so important about your last dollar in a sharing society?

Have we forgotten something in growing up?
How often do we get together to share.
A morning with the neighbour in the garden making a compost heap, then a shared lunch.
The imagination is the limit.
I see a lot of churches being built.

Try it out. Just spend a week offering to share your time energy,
without the expectation of reciprocity.
Ask people to share some of there energy
Spend a week randomly sharing
Vertically as well as horizontally
What is the result.